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Well we're back in Neverland again. This production is starring Jeremy Jordan and Laura Michelle Kelly. Three weeks rehearsal in NYC, then we're off to Boston for the run.
Some Hype about the last Finding Neverland workshop
Kevin Killen
We met tonight with one of our music heroes, Kevin Killen. He's responsible for engineering, mixing and producing some of our favorite albums of all time (seriously, Google the guy. Legendary U2 and Peter Gabriel records on his resume...) And guess what??? He's agreed to mix our record! It's going to happen slowly because he's busy and even though he's giving us a deal, he happens to be a bit on the expensive side. However, we're determined to get a few songs rough-mixed by him in the short term. We can't tell you how excited we are to have him work his magic on our tracks.
few odd days
We've had a few odd days in the studio, but for now we're back working together on another non-opera project. Finding Neverland seems to be heading for exciting and distant lands. We've been hired to work on the next phase of this show: Three weeks in New York for an in-house presentation which will precede a run of the show this summer at Harvard's American Repertory Theater. We're excited to be working together again, but truth be told we're both so busy when we do these theater gigs that we barely have time to work on our AE projects, even though we see each other all day long. We're going to make it happen though!!! AnnMarie is doing double time right now because If/Then is in it's Broadway previews. It's slated for opening on March 30th.
AnnMarie is off to DC to vocal design the new Kitt/Yorkey musical If/Then featuring Idena Menzel.
Okay, our original goal was to make a simple little 4 song demo. Now it's over half-a-year later with 10 massively produced songs which are all painfully close to completion. We're heading back into the studio for a few days this week, but we're going to stop promising (to you and to ourselves) that it's almost finished. We're coming to the realization that this project is an epic journey, and we're digging in until till this sucker is finished. Trust us it's going to be worth it.
Okay, this isn't directly related to Aria Electronica, but both AnnMarie and Tyley have been hired to do a work-shop production of FINDING NEVERLAND. It's a new musical directed by Diane Paulus and Produced by Movie Mega-Mogul Harvey Weinstein. AnnMarie is arranging/designing the vocals for the show and Tyley is performing in it. This version is starring Jason Alexander and Brian Darcey James. Not modern versions of opera, but we're excited all the same.
Three weeks of marathon sessions fueled by take-out food and too much caffeine come to an end. We've finally emerged from the studio, but guess what? The record isn't done yet! Every time we see the end in sight we begin seeing new possibilities for this record and we expand the scope of the project. We don't want to short-change the vision! The trouble is that Strange Cranium is booked solid for the next few months. We're going to sneak in when we can to keep getting this done!
Strange Cranium
We're heading back into Strange Cranium for three weeks to work with our synth guru producer Billy Stein. Musicians Ben Butler, Nir Z, and Dave Eggar will also be working on these next 6 songs.
We're leaving for China today for a three-week, 9 city tour with Parsons Dance and Remember Me. We'll be working on new songs every second we have. Did we mention that we're headed back into the studio? Yes, our demo is on its way to becoming an album! We've also had an anonymous angel investor who's helping to foot the bill for this time around. Thank you Anonymous!!!
The beginning of something new!
We've been doing home-demos of our new songs for the last little while and now we're ready to take the next step: a two week session in Strange Cranium Studios with Billy Stein to demo four new songs. Dave Eggar and John Clancy will be playing on the session too. We're super excited to see how these songs turn out.